Fencing in Bunbury and Surrounding areas

Fencing in Bunbury and Surrounding areas

We are glad that we now serve the clients for fencing in Bunbury and Surrounding areas.

After many years of service in local areas – Rockingham, Kwinana, Baldivis, Mandurah, Shoalwater, Safety Bay, Waikiki, Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay, Warnbro, and many other local suburbs not mentioned here, we have decided to expand our service to one of Western Australia’s regional areas, South West. To start with, we have chosen the Bunbury residents and businesses who need their fencing services done but cannot find a reliable business to get the job done. Don’t look further as we are here!

Housing Boom in South West

We are very much aware that the housing boom is affecting the areas and a lot of houses are being built for proposed residents who are going to start their lives in South West and our aim is to help them settle down easier than ever by providing affordable yet quality service in relation to fencing and gates, so their properties are not only secured but also presenting modern looks on their properties. Fencing in Bunbury and surrounding areas is also booming and knocking on doors of local fencing businesses and we would like to join to support the community.

Our business

Our business started since the year of 2015 making gates and providing fence installation services in local areas. We have developed our motto and business mind about clients and built a reputation by receiving exceptional reviews and rewards from our clients. With this ongoing support, our business has grown massively and gives out better services to the community to make clients happy – Our motto is “Happy Clients”.

To make our clients happy all the time, only one thing is needed – quality and professional service in a timely manner. This applies to all our jobs regardless of what they are. With this mindset, reliability and quality workmanship come along as well as friendly customer service.

What we can do for South West

Our aim is to provide quality and affordable service to clients and it applies to South West as well. We are going to be based in Bunbury as well as Busselton area to provide service to the residents in Margaret River region. We will focus on newly built houses but also open to already-established properties where fencing and gates service is required, it doesn’t matter what kind of fencing and gate in need – we will cover it all.

Works we have done

Some of the examples are as below;

The below slat fencing and gate is done for one of our clients in Baldivis providing security for their business. It also provides astonishing looks on the property by matching and contrasting colours of gutters and walls and even the colour of the soil. It is all consulted before manufacturing the gates and slat panels to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs. You can find the colour range in here.

Image 1. Aluminium slat fencing and gates providing modern looks to properties

Another affordable option is Colorbond gates as mentioned previously. To briefly introduce Colorbond, Colorbond is a brand name of Bluescope and is very common in Australia in regard to fencing and roofing. It is a reliable and quality product and it does provide a 10-year product warranty for your peace of mind (conditions apply). That’s why we choose Colorbond product and use it on every build that we do for our clients. The below image is the one we have done for one of our clients in Baldivis.

Image 2. Colorbond fencing and gate with a key lock for the client’s security and convenience

You can find other fencing and gates we have done on our social media pages either FaceBook or Instagram to follow.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to book an appointment for a quote.

Alternatively, please email us your enquiry to info@greenlinefencing.com.au

Mandurah Fencing Best Price Quality

mandurah fencing company
Greenline Fencing & Gates

Mandurah Fencing Company | Greenline Fencing & Gates

Mandurah Fencing Best Price Quality Company, Greenline Fencing & Gates, offers a friendly, prompt service and guarantees QUALITY, AFFORDABLE Mandurah Rockingham Colorbond Fencing, Gates and Installation Services. Also, we are servicing to all areas in Mandurah, Rockingham, Baldivis, Waikiki and Warnbro. We also help communities in Port Kennedy, Safety Bay, Secret Harbour, Shoalwater, Barragup, Bouvard, Clifton, Coodanup, Dawesville, as well as Dudley Park, Erskine, Falcon. Furnissdale, Greenfields, Halls Head, Seascapes, Herron, Lakelands, Madora Bay, Meadow Springs, Parklands, San Remo, Silver Sands, Stake Hill. Wannanup, Golden Bay, Herron, Karnup, Lake Clifton, Nambeelup, North Yunderup, Ravenswood, South Yunderup, Pinjarra, Baldivis, Cooloongup, East Rockingham, Golden Bay, Hillman, Karnup, Keralup, Peron, Singleton and many more. We offer Mandurah Fencing Best Price Quality.

Thank you for your business!

Thank you very much for all supports from all our clients who have made our business grow exceptionally. As a result, our business has become a company organisation. It means that we now provide much better and wider ranges of services to our local community. Plus, our website is going to be under “renovation” over this Christmas period – more user-friendly, useful information on blog, real-time updates on our works and an on-line shop (proposed) to be met! We will be back with all new website and social media created for better service! Until then, stay tuned.

Free Quote and Measure in Mandurah region

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2-Way Key Lock Latch

2-Way Key Lock Latch

Optional 2-Way Key Lock Latch

We do have 2-way key locks from SafeTech for your maximum safety and convenience. Supply of this key lock comes at $99.00 fitted.

double sided key lock 2
2-Way Key Lock – Greenline Fencing & Gates

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Colrobond Gate Portfolios

Colorbond single gate DIY Kit Example – Greenline Fencing & Gates
Rockingham Fencing Company | Best Price Best Quality

Rockingham Fencing Company | Best Price Best Quality

rockingham fencing company

Rockingham Fencing Company | Greenline Fencing & Gates

Rockingham Fencing Company, GREENLINE FENCING & GATES offers a friendly, prompt service and guarantees QUALITY, AFFORDABLE Rockingham Mandurah Fencing, Gates and Installation Services. Servicing to all areas in Mandurah, Rockingham, Baldivis, Waikiki, Warnbro, Port Kennedy, Safety Bay, Secret Harbour, Shoalwater, Barragup, Bouvard, Clifton, Coodanup, Dawesville, Dudley Park, Erskine, Falcon. Furnissdale, Greenfields, Halls Head, Seascapes, Herron, Lakelands, Madora Bay, Meadow Springs, Parklands, San Remo, Silver Sands, Stake Hill. Wannanup, Golden Bay, Herron, Karnup, Lake Clifton, Nambeelup, North Yunderup, Ravenswood, South Yunderup, Pinjarra, Baldivis, Cooloongup, East Rockingham, Golden Bay, Hillman, Karnup, Keralup, Peron, Singleton and many more.

Thank you very much for all supports from all our clients who have made our business grow exceptionally. Our business has become a company organisation meaning we now provide much better and wider ranges of services to our local community. Our website is going to be under “renovation” over the Christmas period – more user-friendly, useful information on blog, real-time updates on our works and an online shop (proposed) to be met! We will be back with all new website and social media created for better service!

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Comparing Quotes

Comparing Quotes


Markets are getting more competitive by comparing quotes these days. Business owners are cutting their prices down to become more competitive among their competitors because potential customers are looking for someone who provides lower prices than the others.


Comparing Quotes

Spending money on a certain good/service sounds good, but lower prices are not always of a good choice as a whole, as it will affect the local market price regime and further, its economy. Rather than choosing cheap prices straightaway, here are some tips on how to make a better choice with reasonable prices when you hire a business.



You, as a customer who is looking for a fencing contractor for your fence repair, for example, are to compare three quotes basically. Who wins is dependent on you, but you usually go for who offers lower prices without proper research. Wrong!



Before choosing the right one for your fencing needs, do some research on those three fencing businesses in this case and answer yourself the below three questions;

  1. Are they reliable local fencing businesses?
  2. Do they have social media connections or a website that can be visited so I can see previous projects or reviews on their services?
  3. Check out other sources of advertisement, such as Yellow pages, TrueLocal or Google Business, to name a few. There are also customer reviews if the businesses are registered in that advertisement services, so check that out!

If you cannot find them anywhere else in the Internet, try to find them in local newspapers, magazines or flyers, but normally most of the local businesses have some sort of communication mechanisms so it won’t be difficult to find them from the Internet or somewhere else.

Now, let’s pretend that you find the one with good reputation, good branding, excellent reviews by other people who already used their services and lastly, higher prices. However, the one you choose by lower prices has no online ads, social media, reviews or other communication mechanisms whatsoever. What if things go wrong after a year or two because you used a cheap service? That’s fine, right? No! So, who would you choose? Answers are all yours, but remember this.“You get what you pay for”.


To sum up, there is so much other information that I could not mention, because I am not an economist. You will understand what I mean when you are in the same situation like the above. Back to the point, check what other people say about the business you are about to hire, no matter it is through online, offline or mouth-to-mouth. That’s fine if you say “I don’t care”. Fair enough, but it is worthwhile when you do a little research before you choose whoever and whatever, so do it for your own benefit.




What is Plinth?

Steel Plinth is a patented product by Gramline that goes underneath existing Colorbond fences. What it does is to fill the gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence so the gap is completely blocked. This is a brilliant way of protecting homes from unwanted animals, soil, or rubbish coming from outside to the house. It is also beneficial when neighbour’s house is situated a bit higher or lower than your house. By covering the gap using the plinth, it covers the difference in heights so both of the home owners can have more privacy. Having plinths also becomes conducive when the fence has an upward or downward slope.

There are other solutions to block the gap using wood plinths. The advantage of having wood plinth is that you can get them at a cheaper price. However, it does not last longer than steel plinth and it cannot be powder-coated to match the colour of the existing Colorbond fence. So, if your fence is Colorbond, I highly recommend having steel plinths. It is durable and looks great!

Greenline Fencing & Gates offers the best price in WA, supplied and installed, so contact us today by calling, emailing or leaving a comment below with your detail.

gramline_plinth1   gramline_plinth2
Photos from www.gram.com.au


Tips On Getting a Colorbond Gate or Panel

Tips On Getting a Colorbond Gate or Panel


Congratulations on your new home!

Now, you complete your home building project with your builder. I am really happy for you and proud of you, but do you really think everything is done?

Have a look at the sides of your home. I bet one of the sides or even both of them are wide-open. That might be the ones you haven’t thought about or never seen that coming as this adds another page to get you worried and concerned because anyone from your front street can see the back fence of your new house as there is no blockage of the gap between your house and the boundary fence. Most of the WA home builders have no direct connections with fencing contractors as they focus on building a house. It depends on the estate and developer who manage blocks of land you purchased and they have connection with fencing contractors. Nowadays, it seems that all the developers in Baldivis or even all Perth adapt Colorbond fencing to divide between blocks, therefore Colorbond is widely seen in most of the estates these days.

So, this means, in order to match your existing fence, you have to go for Colorbond side fence (or so-called, wing fence) to block the gap or you might go for a gate. Of course, fixed Colorbond panels to your side is the cheapest way of getting it blocked, but if you want to use the gap as a passage, you might spend a bit more money to have a gate in there so you can get in and out through there. It is also beneficial to have a gate there because it is quite useful and convenient when you are moving gardening or other equipment into the backyard of your house or have other labours or contractors taking care of your pavings, landscaping or repairs once moved in, for example. If there is no other way to get in and out of the house, they all have to go through your main entrance getting inside your house first and then get to the back of the house or wherever they have to work on.

Organising your side fence or a gate is essential part of your home building project. Sadly, many people realise the importance of this once moved in, which is already late. It is better if you would be able to organise it before you move in, so the security of your home is held, and therefore you feel safe. If you are moving in to the estate located in Baldivis, please contact me by clicking here and ask questions you might have about having a Colorbond fence or gate. Aluminium slat gates are also available. See Portfolio for more details.

How To Market Your Small Business In 2017

How To Market Your Small Business In 2017

How To Market Your Small Business In 2017

Many people these days dream about being their own boss and in fact, there are many small businesses that are run by talented individuals. However, how would people know there are such businesses they can use for convenience and better life?

In order for people to recognise the existence of businesses, I would like to talk about ways of how marketing strategy can be established. The below states some of the crucial factors that you, as a business owner, should keep in mind and act on to become a successful one;

  1. Be genuine: because you would want to establish trust in relationships to build on a long term basis for your business. Become actively involved in business networks and work to develop steady, strong relationships.
  2. Determine your goals: before getting too deep into business marketing, it is important to decide what your goal is so you can take the right steps and use the right tactics to take your business where you want to go with marketing. It is important to become involved with networking as part of your business marketing strategy.
  3. Become active in several networking groups: there are several different business networking sites you can become involved in to reach current customers along with potential customers or even potential employees. Find groups your customers used to communicate with their friends or families, such as Facebook or Twitter. Use business specific networks, such as Linkedin to help you connect with other businesses.
  4. Volunteer: become an active volunteer in your local community. This way, you can increase business exposure while giving back to those who have helped you and those who needed you the most.
  5. Avoid yes or no questions: open ended questions will do more to help you learn about each other and build a foundation for the relationship.
  6. Understand: understand who and what you are as a business. What you do and why you do it. Understand how you do it so you can set yourself apart from competition. A lack of clear understanding of what, when, where & how you do it will prohibit you from properly communicating with people you are marketing with.
  7. Quickly respond to referrals: when you are given referrals, it is important to follow up within 24 to 48 hours to make sure you capture them at the people you interest. If you don’t follow up quickly they will forget, even abandoning the idea or moving to your competitor.

Keeping these things in mind when starting a business marketing campaign will help you be successful. It is important to market with a purpose to ensure you are on the right tract to accomplish your business goals. Business marketing should be an on-going effort to ensure a business is succeeding and growing. Continue marketing with current and prospective customers using different tactics. Every business has some form of competitors, even if there is a local business similar to yours. The Internet is a full of service and products, businesses that attract clients who like working and shopping from the comfort of their homes.

You must understand who your competition is before you successfully market your own. You must also become realistic how you are currently holding up against the competition. Remember, in the business world, competitors are rooting for your business to fail. You can market more successfully if you fully understand where you stand in comparison to your competitors. Research and analysis allows you to create the business marketing strategy that not only improves your business but helps you remain competitor in your industry.

Dividing Fences

Dividing Fences

The Dividing Fences Act 1961 (the Act) combines with local government by-laws to regulate the erection and maintenance of dividing fences in Western Australia. The Act provides a process for sharing costs between neighbours, the determination of boundaries and a mechanism for courts to deal with disputes over dividing fences. It does not apply to retaining walls, fence height restrictions or encroachments.

A dividing fence is a ‘sufficient fence’ that separates the land of different owners, whether on the common boundary of adjoining lands or in a line other than the common boundary.

A ‘sufficient fence’ is:

  • a fence prescribed by a local government local law as the minimum standard of fencing in that locality;
  • a fence of any standard agreed upon by adjoining owners provided that it does not fall below the standard prescribed by the relevant local government law;
  • a sufficient fence that is ordinarily capable of resisting the trespass of cattle and sheep; or
  • a fence determined by a magistrate in a magistrates’ court to be a sufficient fence.

Please note: A fence which accords with the last two points above is only a sufficient fence where no local law or agreement is made.

If you erect a dividing fence of a higher standard than a sufficient fence without first obtaining the agreement of the adjoining owner, you may only claim half the cost of erecting and maintaining a sufficient fence as defined above.

The Act does not bind the Crown, so where the adjoining land is owned by the Commonwealth, State or local government and is used for public purposes, the Crown is not required to contribute to the costs of erecting or maintaining the fence.

Any agreement, contract or covenant relating to dividing fences between owners of adjoining land overrides the provisions of the Act.

Erecting a new fence between developed blocks

If you want to erect a dividing fence, a written notice must be provided to the neighbouring owner, which sets out:

  • the boundary to be fenced;
  • a proposal for fencing; and
  • the kind of fence proposed to be constructed.

You may also wish to check your Certificate of Title with Landgate to determine any covenants that relate to dividing fences on your property.

If owners of adjoining land are unable to reach an agreement after 21 days, either owner may make an application to the Magistrates Court. In making its order, the court will consider the type of fence typically constructed in the area, how the lands are used and any local laws prescribing the type of fence for your area.

Where the owners agree or a court orders the erection of a fence, the owners must fulfil their obligations within the specified time (or within three months if no time is specified). If an owner does not fulfil their obligations within this time, the other owner may complete the work and recover half the costs from the owner in default by issuing a summons in the Magistrates Court.

Erecting a new fence where one or both blocks are vacant

Where one or both blocks are vacant, you should attempt to negotiate a written agreement with the owner of the adjoining block and the fence should be erected according to the terms of the agreement.

If you are unable to come to an agreement with the owner of the vacant land, you may still erect a sufficient fence. The owner of the vacant land would be required to contribute half of the cost incurred in erecting the sufficient fence once they had completed a building or substantial structure on their land. If the neighbour objects to paying the costs or disputes the line on which the fence was built, they can apply for an order may be made through the Magistrates Court.

Repairing a dividing fence

The Dividing Fences Act 1961 provides for the repair of fences including the realignment and re-erection of a dividing fence. It does not allow for the replacement of a damaged fence where the materials used differ from what was there originally unless that material is no longer available. In this case the materials used should be like-for-like unless an agreement between the parties is reached to use a different type of material.

When a dividing fence is in need of repair, the owners of the adjoining land are each liable to pay half the costs of those repairs even where one or both of the blocks are vacant.

Exceptions to this include situations where:

  • the dividing fence was built partly by one owner and partly by the other. In this case each owner is responsible to repair the part of the fence they had built;
  • the dividing fence is damaged by a storm, fire, flood, lightning or other natural act. In this case either owner may repair the fence without notice and recover half the costs of the repair from the other owner; or
  • the dividing fence is damaged by fire or a falling tree or branch as a result of one owner’s actions. In this case the owner whose neglect caused the damage must repair the fence.

For further information of dividing fences, click the link below;

Deviding Fences: a guide

Written by Department of Commerce, Subtracted from https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au

Style Of Your Fences and Gate

Style Of Your Fences and Gate

There is no doubt that people these days are willing to spend their money on style and design.

Nowadays, Australians are getting more into Colorbond for their fences or aluminium slats for their gates.
Stylish and modern looks attract more consumers to changing their damaged fences or gates to Colorbond. There are also many choices on colours and profiles so unique design to each fence can be achieved. Furthermore, it is cheaper and more durable than having Hardiefence for their boundary or side fence.

Despite these pros, there are still many people out there who do not like Colorbond fences as there is always a gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence, especially for those who have dogs, cats or other in-house pets. There is a solution for this matter, Steel Plinth from Gramline. This patented product is awesome as it is durable and specially designed to work as retaining wall! This means when one house is situated higher than the other or vise versa, the gap is getting higher as well. The plinth works well in this situation as it is designed to cover the gap. Other than having pine wood plinth, if you are willing to spend a little more money, you will get stylish modern looking fence and plinth that have the same colour, which makes it look like a complete fence!