Colorbond Fencing Marangaroo Western Australia

Colorbond Fencing Marangaroo Western Australia

Colorbond Fencing Project Complete

18 metres Colorbond Fencing supply and install

Colorbond Fencing Project Complete. We had a job in Marangaroo, Western Australia as one tree was pushing Hardiefence, resulting in the fence leaning towards the neighbouring house that might cause damage to the house. Once removed all Hardiefence sheets, we faced other problem that the tree is in line with the boundary line, which we had to cut some of the roots and branches to clear the way in line.

Finally, our team managed to get them all cleared and the fence erected. Happy customers and workers are our motto by providing quality service. All Perth and other regional clients are welcome to enquire by clicking here.

colorbond fencing project

colorbond fencing marangaroo

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